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Why you should get a Virtual Office Membership!

Written by Kara Campuzano
Owner of Co.Working

Instead of worrying about overhead costs and staffing expenses, you can streamline your office space and save money. Here at Co.Working in downtown Salem, Oregon, we know that some aspects of business require a physical location, and many of them are not well-suited to using a home for that purpose. Even if your home is your official HQ, you'd likely rather not share that information with customers or business partners.

Here are three reasons you might want to consider a Virtual Office Membership:


If you work from home, you don’t want to have to list your personal business address on everything. We give you the ability to use our prime downtown Salem address. What are the benefits of using a commercial address?

• You look professional. It builds a sense of trust and safety with your clients and potential clients.

• It helps with SEO Geolocations. One of the key benefits of using a virtual office address as the registered address of your business is SEO geolocation. That's because many online services still benefit from the "near me" feature in search engines.

• Keeps your home address private.


The benefit is that you don’t even have to come to pick up your mail. You have three options: we can scan and email it, we can forward it, or we can shred it.


Our upgraded options give you access to our coworking space here in Salem for those times that you need to get out of your home office! This could include Day Passes and Conference Room hours. With our virtual office service, you don't have to break the bank or uproot your operations to acquire a physical office space—yet you'll be able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a prime business address.

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